Saturday, June 9, 2007


Lately we have had a bit of a struggle getting play group going. I'm hoping this page can help us get organized. We are looking for sisters to host play group activities. These activities do not have to be at your house. If you are willing to host any activities this summer please speak up. This page can also be used to share ideas and communicate with each other about. . . well,whatever you want. Hopefully we will have some fun activities this summer.


Linnie said...

Some ideas that worked before from other ward:

designate a specific place or activity for each week of the month. For example:
1st Thursday: Kipapa Park
2nd Thursday: Wapio Park playground near baseball field.
3rd: Meet at someone's home
4th: Rec 2 or Riding bikes at church if permitted by Stake.
5th: special outing (BYU, Temple, Temple of the valley, KoOlina,

we need to get the playgroup going soon so we can better support each other and build a good support systems for each sisters who are interested.

Thank you for getting this blog going.

Ruby said...

What a great idea, Linnie!

I may not participate as much with this group much because my children are in school, however when they don't have school, I'm sure they would love to play with their friends.

I think it's a great idea to have a designated activity for each week. It might be a good idea to set a time also.

BTW, will the "old" members of the Mauka Play/Mom's group be invited? It would be a great way to keep friendships going and to network if any of us moms might need to trade baby sitting services or whatever! It was a great way to meet other ladies in different wards and some of our non-member friends.

Karen Heaton said...

I think that sounds like a great idea, Maybe we could arrange to alternate activities with another ward. I don't have children so I probably won't be involved but I am trying to get something set up for the Relief Society. Thanks.

6Ungas said...

Okay Karen, I think I'm ready to jump in now. So maybe you or Liberty can tell me where to go from here or where I can start. Talk to you soon~ Liza